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marionette out of 2021 not working in 2023?

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I tried the file in VW2024.


It opened and the boxes were kind of big and touching. 

I clicked the button in the OIP and the boxes all shrunk down.

I edited the network and VW crashed.


Sorry, I don't have time to try and debug for you.

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Took a quick look

I think, it is not the Marionette Network or the code inside the Marionette that produces the crash from my sight. It is the PIO which crashes by handling it in the script. I can see a crash by duplicate and move with alt-key and by edit the script. No crash with a Version, that not contains the PIO you insert in the script. That indicates, that the PIO you use inside script is crashing. Also not crash in 2024 (but maybe still an issue).

Some Points that i saw:

1. Insert PIO then delete after
The strategy is, to insert a PIO which has the same size as the segment of a polygon. If a Bool is 0 then delete the PIO. So you insert the PIO, set Bool to 0 and then after insertion delete PIO. Also i see, that the text you insert is not deleted in that case what would result in async text and PIO.
Better would be not insert Bool is 0. Also then you have to filter the rest of the network also. 

2. Writing to the record "Korpusmöbel - Objektinfo"
Which is a read-only record in my opinion. Or minimum will be overwritten by the PIO itself. Maybe it works but still something risky.

3. Crash
No idea what exactly produces a crash. Definitely no crash without PIO if i deactivate the symbol node. Also no crash, running the network not as a PIO Node just as a Network. The used cabined PIO may not be designed to exist inside Marionettes or other PIOs. That's maybe the source of the crashes. However i would 2024 give a try and skip 2023. Because there i can see no crash.

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a few connections were missing, i added them again.


I can us it as a wrapper well, but when i am doing some object node its crashing.


Even if i am copying my correct network into the object node its crashing.


The text should not be deleted, to show u how big your gap between the cabinets is. The name of the object then is door freezing, or door preparation. with its Width.



i now use "Objekt - Zuordnung" its not read only and it works. But i cant make an object node.

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  • Marionette Maven


I don't have access to the XG Cabinet to diagnose this issue, but I'm not running into any crashes or issues otherwise in 2023 (or later)

When I open this and move the object, the cabinets reset to the default values, which is expected when someone doesn't have access to the PIO.


I am interested in investigating this more if I can find a way to reproduce.

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now its working, only few wires new connected and modified.



the only stuff is not working is the fact, that a named popup node dont show in the pio.


i think because i added in input port to this popstring to make a popup node which selects one of the named polygons in my file.


Maybe someone knows, how to avoid this.


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