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Very simple 3D drawing

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I want to draw a very simple house massing model, I have never made anything 3D (except for mining area landforms) in vw before as have never needed to - as it seems so much simpler to drawing most 3D in other platforms but I want to use Heliodon so I need a mass model and so far I can't get the 3D push-pull tool to do anything. I think everything's set up right:

I have a planar 3D poly

I think view is correct

I select the 3D poly

Press the Push-Pull icon .. and nothing happens when I try and drag selected surface, it feels dead / unresponsive.


What am I doing wrong?

System is Windows 10 64 Home, VW 2018



I've just tried Model>Extrude and I get the error "there were objects selected that were locked or illegal..." I drew the shape in VW, it's planar and very simple.

vw very basic 3d 2024.JPG

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Are you sure the 3D Poly is planar? Can you try it with a 2D Poly instead?


I was going to say make sure you are using the 1st mode of the tool but it looks like you are doing that already.

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Late reply, hope this is solved already. Here are some comments and a workaround.


1. Model>Extrude needs 2d source object(s).  The selected 3d Poly will therefore not extrude and will instead generate that error message.


2. Push/Pull 1st mode should work with the 3d poly. Don't know why it fails. Maybe something wrong with the poly, the working plane, or ???


3.  Workaround:

Put drawing in Top/Plan. and set the working plane to Layer.

Select the 3d Poly,

Modify>Convert>Polygon - result is a 2d polygon (or a group of 2d polygons - Compose them and ungroup),

Model>Extrude to desired height of building, (or flyover view and use Push/Pull)

Set Bottom z to 351.2 or as desired.

Repeat for other shapes as necessary.






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3 hours ago, Benson Shaw said:

2. Push/Pull 1st mode should work with the 3d poly.


@Benson Shaw


Just stumbled over this, and was very suprised that this should work. Making a few tests I'm shure this works only with a 3D triangale made from a 3d polygon, since a triangle spans a plane in 3d space...


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If you want something quick and don't need the skills on an ongoing basis. Then there is the Massing Model tool(s) under site planning that will quickly draw you a building and let you edit it.

Sure not great if you care about the look of the building to any detail but ok for planning studies where you want to give a sense of a building. 

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