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User Field Lightwright Mapping


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I'm wanting to Map user fields as follows: 

User Field 1 – Act 1 Focus

User Field 2 – Act 2 Focus

User Field 3 – Act 3 Focus

User Field 4 – Act 4 Focus

User Field 5 – Location

User Field 6 – Group

The mapping works, but when I try to change the names of the user fields in Vectorworks to the same inside of spotlight preferences. it removes all info and doesn't then let me re map that field inside of Lightwright. 

Working on VW 2024


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I'm not clear on what you're referring to - for example, is "User Field 1" the name of a Lightwright user field? And is "Act 1 Focus" the name of a Vectorworks field? If so, then when you do a 'complete export on exit' in Vectorworks and then launch Lightwright and choose the .xml file that VW generated, all you need to do is match up the appropriate VW and LW fields.


If Vectorworks doesn't let you change the name, then all you can do is rename the Lightwright user fields by going to Setup/Column Names & Definitions and entering new Long, Medium, and Short names for the appropriate user columns. Also be sure the data type in Lightwright matches whatever you're bringing in from VW.


I hope this helps!


- John



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