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Nemetchek policy for future upgrades

Kaare Baekgaard


Like other users, I have have contributed with wish list postings from time to time, hoping that they would be noted by Nemetchek.

It would please me if Nemetchek would regularly issue a bulletin in this forum where you would make a statement regarding your ambitions and priorities for the future development of Vectorworks.

Not just sales-talk but your ideas about how the fuctionality of the program is going to be upgraded.

It would most certainly spark up a debate, but it would also give the many users of the program the joy of expectation.

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It would most certainly spark up a debate, but it would also give the many users of the program the joy of expectation.


"The joy of expectation"! ;-)

I for one would love to see what's "coming up", but think of it from the (ANY) developers point of view.

The term "making a rod for one's own back" seems insufficient to describe the misery the developers might experience being harrangued by users eager to "debate" the development of the product. :-D

All developers have a wise policy on these matters: keep shtuum.

Excellent suggestion however! :-)



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I don't believe in this - making a shortlist or even a longlist public ,that is. Nemetschek stating that they are "Considering" quickly becomes "Nemetschek said they are developing", which in turns grows out to be "They promised us users to include that feature in the next version", especially on a forum. NOT a good policy.

Ask yourself if VectorWorks is currently a good solution for you or not. If it is, then stick with it. If it's not, try to find a better solution. But don't let your feelings about the application be guided by "featuritis of future versions". It won't help you one bit.

Kind regards,


[ 01-13-2004, 05:09 PM: Message edited by: BaRa ]

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For Propstuff & BaRa: I see your point.

BaRa, VW is not just a solution to me - it is a marriage that has lasted since 1990 and version 2.0. I may have spent as much time with the program as with my family.

From this perspective it is not unreasonable to ask: "What are your intentions?".

And for Richard: Please do take that break - elsewhere.

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Kaare, you're in a terminal condition. "spending as much time with your family as with the application". T-t-t-t. There's only one solution for you: turn the negative into the possitive and get a job at NNA [Wink]

I honestly don't know a single software manufacturer that gives away their planned rout.



[ 01-15-2004, 08:20 AM: Message edited by: BaRa ]

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Perhaps a little out of the box thinking such as letting the public know more about the route future releases are taking would create more of a feeling of ownership by the users, therefore more loyality and promotion by existing users which is the best method of advertising possible.

[big Grin]

PS: Unfortunately when I look at my family's busy schedule (and I make a serious attempt at spending time with my family) and the hours per day I spend infront of a computer screen, I probably also spend more time with VW then my family.


[ 01-15-2004, 09:33 AM: Message edited by: tvetter ]

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