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How to show today's date in worksheet with spreadsheet setup

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Is there a way to show today's date in worksheet cell with spreadsheet setup?


We are using this functions: =FORMATFIELD('Title Block Project Data'; '...') to get some data from title block border ... but would be great if we could add today's date too .... to the header of the worksheet layout with list of drawings (database part) as a main part of worksheet.


I guess it doesn't have to be connected to title block border data, but all we need to get today's date displayed + so that it automatically updates to correct date.


Any help much appreciated.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You can have a data tag that reports the today's date. Then you can use the DataTagField function with a criteria defined to get the value from the data tag. But you will still have to reset the data tag (for example by moving it) to get the date to update I think.

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Or create a single line Vectorscript:




In my case this was named Script-2


So I used a worksheet formula of:




The parameters of the Date Function are for the Date and Time formats.


For the first Parameter, 0=Full Date, 1=Abbreviated Date, 2=Short Date

For the second Param 0=Date only, 1=Date & Time, 2=Time Only


The date is formatted according to your operating system settings.


I thought there was a way to enter a single line script like this directly into the RunScript function, but I can't make it work this morning.

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