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Window Modelling

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Hi Vectorworkers, 


I have a query about modelling windows, I have come across a number of different windows that I can't seem to produce using the window tool in Vectorworks Architect 2024...


I can find how to add two rows or two columns for glazed panels - but where I have a window where the top of the window has a row with two opening lights and underneath on the second row its just one large fixed pane, no central mullion - its been driving me mad this one!




I have attached an image of one of the windows to see how I should be using the window tool - I'm sure there is something simple I'm missing out or not picking up on, but any help would be gratefully received. I've not managed to watch any tutorials for windows on the VWX university yet, but I'm hoping to today - so not sure if this is covered in the online tutorials.


many thanks all

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What is WinDoor @shorter?


I remember someone talking about a plug in by a similar name in the dim and distant past? [possibly ArchonCAD training / Jonathan Pickup]. I remember it was a subscription tool then [I think?]. Might this be the same thing?

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Thank you so much all, especially @JuanCarlos Ive been able to model custom windows today, even a new one I hadn't realised I could do with this same method. Thank you so much for the top tip! Happily modelling again now and no longer procrastinating around modelling what were awkward windows!



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