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Display Toggles

Chris D


Hidden away in preferences, you can of course change (at least) two major display toggles:

- Zoom Line Thickness

- Display Black and White only

I switch between these frequently, but can't assign keyboard shortcuts to them.

A Display Toggles pop-up could allow quick switching.

It would also be useful if both of these settings could be saved in 'Saved Sheets'.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


Originally posted by Chris D:

Where did you find the 'show objects while in groups' plug-in? I couldn't find it at Vector Depot.

I've got the others installed, which are fantastic. I've got them in a 'Display Toggles' sub-menu on the right-click of my mouse.

Copy the Zoom Line Thickness plug-in file, renaming it to your desired name. Then use the "Create Plug-in.." menu item to edit it. Select "Script..." to edit the script, changing index 9 (Zoom line thickess) to 14 (Show other objects in groups).

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Since my initial enthusiasm, the plug-in I made for 'show other objects while in groups' has developed a tendency to crash VW more often than not when I use it, especially if I toggle it while already in group edit mode.

Any common errors to look for in the script?

I'm on OS X (not Panther), VW10.5 on an eMac

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Here's the script i use, (on VW9.5.3, macx.2) serveral times a days even while inside groups and with no problems as far as i know. have other people using the script on VW10(mac and win) and no ones said anything.



bef, aft: BOOLEAN;



aft:= NOT bef;

SetPref(14, aft);


Run (toogle);

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