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Grey Screen Colour

Chris D


I might be missing something, but it seems you can only set your screen background to black or white.

The addition of a light grey would help. I often find myself working on other people's drawings that have white borderless fills which I can't see when working on a white background. I've tried black, but it's not easy on the eyes.

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The ability to set background color is a regrettable omission. But there's a roundabout way to get a background of any color you want.

1. Create a layer with an odd scale (say, 1:7, or any scale that you never expect to use).

2. Put that layer at the bottom of the stack of layers.

3. Draw a large solid-filled rectangle on that layer, much larger than the area you expect to draw on.

The color of that rectangle's fill becomes your background color. The point of putting it on a layer with an odd scale is so you won't accidentally select it when Layer Options is set to "Show/Snap/Modify Others".

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it's great work around but does mean you lose your grid (if you use one).

The Suggestion would make a great feature thou, as say a new tab in document preferences.

specially if user selectable and an option to print or not print.

You could also add image backgrounds.

(yes i know this can be done with same workaround)

All these would readily improve presentation output, as well as functional issues.

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