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print out seat labels

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I wonder if someone here has aready found a workflow for this:


I need to print out seat labels with Block Number, Row Number, Seat Number.


Up to now I'm not doing the printing in VW: I always create a pivot table with seats X Rows and put this in an external database that has a printing report for these labels.

Since I always first draw the seating in VW, I wonder if this could be done in one go in VW, either with the seating tool numbering, or tags on chair symbols. The idea is that changes in the seating geometry will then automatically update the databse for the labels, especially to avoid wrong printouts because of working in two different systems that do not update each other...


Anyone has an idea of where to start developing such a workflow ? Or did I oversee that VW can do this out of the box ?


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55 minutes ago, Kevin Allen said:

I don't know how or if VWX can handle the printing, but I am sure many folks could use this.

Yes, it's a trivial and useful application and I guess VWX can handle it.

The printing itself could stay in an external program. Any program that can handle serial letters or similar can be used, but VWX should provide the relevant data.

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hm, I don't think it is that difficult if printing is not directly done from VWX (which would of couse be the luxury thing). The only thing I need is a one column worksheet that automatically creates the row names, and another one that creates the seat numbers from the seating symbols and their tags.


Example: If I have a 6 rows and 4 seats in each row I need something like


first worksheet

Row 1

Row 2

Row 4

Row 5

Row 6


second worksheet

seat 1

seat 2

seat 3

seat 4


printing could then be done in an external program.



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