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Save Sheet Dialog Wishes



I would like to see a coulple of improvements to the Save Sheet/Edit Sheet dialog:

1. The scrolling list of sheet names to select should be available from within the saved sheet dialog, so if you want to edit more than one sheet, you would not have to keep exiting the dialog completely, then going through a two step process to get back in the dialog to edit another sheet. It would be nice to be able to switch between any of your sheets to edit them before clicking "O.K." and exiting the dialog.

2. It would be nice to have a "Fit to Window" checkbox option in the Save Sheet dialog. In our office we have 17" & 19" displays, and both Flat panel and CRT's all running at different resolutions. When you save a sheet to " Restore View", which display do you set it up for? The same "view" loooks quite different at different resolutions. A "Fit to Window" option would always fill the window on any display when a sheet is chosen. This way, a sheet saved on a larger display would not have the window cropped off when the same sheet is chosen on a smaller display.

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It is possible to edit sheets from the resources palette by right-clicking on each saved sheet. This makes the process a little less tedious, since you don't have to open a dialog box for each sheet.

However, the whole business of managing sheets when adding layers and classes could be handled a lot more intelligently by the program. Several people have, including myself, have made numerous suggestions in the past to make this a better interface. Also included in the list are: 1) ability to import saved sheets, 2) making it possible to save print setups as part of a saved sheet, 3) making layer 3D orientation for each visible layer part of a saved sheet.

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