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tweak exist text tool



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A strange request, IMO. Why would you restrict the editing abilities to text? Why not have the option of editing every element in the group? And if you'd go that far, then why would you group objects together? Why not leave them ungrouped?

I personally like the current behavior: double click on a symbol or a group, double click on a text block, and presto. It's probably as fast if not faster than selecting a different "edit text in group" tool. And it's more consistent in use, as it doesn't add an extra tool.

Just my 2 cts, of course.



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good to hear from someone else.

i thought I'ld explain my strange and silly thoughts...

I would like to share that there are a few tools that allow you to change the attributes, class, and even delete objects that are in a group (from outside a group). You can find some of these tools on VectorDepot. I haven't made a text editing tool yet that works this way.

So yes, my wish is more than just editing text this way.

Dear VectorWorks,

It would improve work flow, if you didn't have to worry if things are grouped or not. And take less steps to edit objects. This wouldn't take away any function, just add good tricks to the program.

You can still have double clicking on a group to enter it, but if you hit a text object (that's in a group) it would default to editing the text. Does this work ???

The best reason I understand to have groups is to be able to move all objects together at once. (But you should be still able to edit the pieces easily)

why do I ask for such silly things?

glad to have the opportunity to ask [Wink]

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I have to disagree with you, Katerina. I think it WOULD take away a function.

Yes, moving the whole group as a unit is an important function of groups; but an equally important function is to prevent access to their elements.

When you have a lot of stuff in a small space, as you usually do when drafting, it's faster to work on it if the stuff is divided into groups. Then you don't have to zoom in or slow down to pick out exactly the thing you want to work on. You pick the group that you want to change, and you can do that while seeing the other elements but not being able to touch them.

And, as BaRa pointed out, it's already incredibly easy to edit a group. It's even easy in older versions, especially if you use macros to assign single keystrokes to Group, Ungroup, Edit Group, and Exit Group.

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