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Creating Human Silhouettes

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Good morning Luis,


it's been a long long time since we spoke last. Hope you are doing well.


You are always very resourceful !

Thank you for these, which come in very handy on 2D visuals which I am working on right now.

I wish there was a (free) resource of really great 3D people.

Mostly it's the low quality of their faces and clothes which look a bit plastic and cartoony in high-level renderings.


This morning I actually found a post on Instagram from https://www.instagram.com/johncreation38/#.

He uses 3D people in his renderings which look simply stunning.


I am waiting to hear back from him where these are from.


Enjoy your day.


Cheers from Melbourne,


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Hi @Luis M Ruiz,

oh wow !!! You are so very kind, thank you !!!  I'm your fav users ? Sweet, I'm loving it !!! 🥰  I will definitely send you images when I can implement them into my project.


Over the last few years I changed from using VW Renderworks to Twinmotion for Real-Time Renderings and at times Animations.


The last Renderworks visualisations were the ones I tested for an imaginative product launch runway event environment which had lots of shiny surfaces and spot & fog lights. And you were super helpful to make this work. See attached below. Time flies ...


 >>  Check out my website  >>   GC CREATIVE WEBSITE 


 >>  scroll down on the page and you'll find the visualisations I just recently uploaded

 >>  and click on one of the thumbnails in the animation section then you'll be linked to YouTube


Cheers from Melbourne,


Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+ArchvizEvent+Environments.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+PRODUCTS.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+PARKLET DESIGN.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+BATHROOM.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+TRADE+SHOW.PNG

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