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Is there a way to get viewports to wireframe render?


I'm trying to model an existing structure. I've got dxf wire models representing scans from my Disto s910. I wish to measure and manipulate bim geometry in reference to those scans. 


Elevation Level Benchmarks attached to story levels seem to only appear in viewports.


So how do I get my viewport to render wirefrane so I can dimension, view, and manipulate everything?



Rudy Beuc


















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Section Viewports cannot be set to Wireframe, only regular viewports can. Could you make a regular viewport of your model just looking from the appropriate side (Front, Left, etc)? Then you could set it to wireframe.


Or, if you need it to be a Section Viewport, you could try setting the Background Render to Dashed Hidden Line, then under Background Render Settings you could set the dash style to be Continuous and black. I think the result would essentially look like wireframe.



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