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A couple of powerful VW enhancements...

Cornerstone Canada


A couple of simple but poweful VW enhancements for us would include the following:

1) The ability to "Grey Objects" outside of groups, instead of simply showing and non showing them.

2) Text on Greyed layers of classes rendered as text, instead of simply the grey text outline box.

3) The ability to delete unwanted classes, but save those similarly classed objects into individual groups.

(We often import huge survey files with up to 80 autocad classes (layers) into our site plans, that don't work with our office class setup, and we wish to retain some sort of object "grouping" to be able to sort through those objects later).

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I don't fully understand number 3.

However, in Architect, there is a Merge Classes and a Merge Layers menu item.

You can merge classes with other classes and delete the class name containing the objects that were merged to another class.

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Katie, AutoCAD uses Layers to group objects of certain types together - for example, a slew of tree species names on a site map. Since AutoCAD layers are not compatible with the way layers are used in VW, when we import an ACAD file we get a great mass of layer chaos. But we still might want the "grouping" functionality that ACAD layers provide, hence the desire to delete the layer, but keep the objects in a VW layer as a group.

I don't understand the reference to classes in the post that starts this thread. I'm also not convinced that converting all layers to groups as an import .dwg option is an exciting idea. Surely it would be relatively easy to develop a script that would make this conversion if someone didn't want to do it "manually."

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Hi P,

I believe VectorWorks Classes are the most near thing to ACad Layers and on importing from ACad you should be able to use class visibility & scripts as a way of separating things...

Strict Class to Group conversion would be impossible because it would violate the container/containded relationship of some objects (i.e. block/symbol of class X contains objects of class Y, Z W...).

There is a free simple script to merge classes, it's called delete and reassign class.

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