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2D Rotate Tool options

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The 2D Rotate tool should have an option to duplicate the selected object, just like the mirror tool does, and also should have an option to do multiple duplicates. I space items around domes, and having to select, duplicate, get the start angle, set the placement angle, change tools, select the original all over again, etc is a pain when placing objects at irregular spacing around the dome.

It'd be nice to select, set the start angle, and click, click, click to place 3 copies.

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Hi Katie,

The key word is "irregular". For example, I'm going to place 8 sconces next to doors. The doors aren't regularly spaced, so clicking and using a vertex or existing object for alignment works a whole lot better than having to have regular offset angles. I'd use this to place vertices, outlets and all sorts of stuff. Being able to duplicate when rotating is maybe 70%, being able to multiply duplicate is the other 30%...if I'm prioritizing.

Thanks for asking.

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This, like nearly all the minor complaints about how tools and commands work, is solved by having greater keyboard control, through macros.

When I want to duplicate and rotate, I just hit the "Duplicate" key with my keypad hand, a split second before rotating with my mouse hand. It works very well for the kind of multiple rotation at different angles that Cloud is talking about.

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