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Hidden Line help

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Would anyone have some advice on how to make the hidden line drawing look like something please? I would like the rear backdrop to have some definition and I can;t seem to get a hatch fill into the floor.   Thanks, Iain



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You wont be able to get shading out of Hidden line - it is just....lines.


If you look at the Object info pallet for your Viewport - there is background render and foreground render - so essentially, you can stack rendering styles in one viewport.  So you could try shaded (without show edges) for the background and hidden line for the Foreground render.  Of some other combination - just keep in mind that render styles happen to the whole scene, so you wouldn't be able to isolate just the floor and drape with a style.


Alternatively, you could add a hatch or pattern to select areas by drawing polygons/polylines in the ANNOTATIONS of the viewport and moving them to the back.



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