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Assigning classes to geometry inside a unique symbol

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Just picked up Marionette this week and leaning from others networks.


I'm trying to create a network that takes any imported lighting device and renames the classes associated with it, and set everything in that symbol to 'make all attributes by class".


The classes that come with lighting devices are the following:

  1. Lighting-Moving Light
  2. Lighting-Movement Radius
  3. Lighting-Input-2D
  4. Lighting-Input-3D


The classes that I want to change them to:

  1. Company-Lighting-Fixtures-*inst type*
  2. Company-Lighting-Symbol-Movement Radius
  3. Company-Lighting-Symbol-Input-2D
  4. Company-Lighting-Symbol-Input-3D


The network I’ve made is quite self-explanatory, a class string is generated from a field in the lighting devices record (Inst Type), a popup dialog asks for the class to exchange from and is renamed. A set class node I found then sets every lighting device symbols to ‘make all attributes by class’. There also three other simple networks that rename the other classes that are universal across all lighting devices - I haven't yet figured out how I can join these all up.


While this network is successful for individual lighting devices, I would like to make this work with batch lighting devices. However, I cannot work out how to this filter through and only assign classes to certain geometry inside a symbol that is in the Lighting-Moving Light class. Importing multiple lighting devices symbol would utilise that same class and renaming it would mean every lighting device would take the same custom class string.


Hope that makes sense, appreciate anyone that can help with this.

Marionette Symbol Maker.vwx

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