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Error Record field value

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there is a type mismatch at the inputs "sRecName" and "sFildName". There the node "Get Record Field" expects to get data of type "string" (aka. text) but what you are giving with the "Name" nodes are objects (data of type handle) that are named "zahl" and "z-wert". These objects dont exist, so there is nothing put into the "Get Record Field" node at these two inputs.

I guess what you wanted to do is to use the "String" node instead of the "Name" nodes.


By the way, the expected data types of the input or ourput ports of a node is normaly hinted in the name of said port. For example:

  • "hObj" -> is a handle to an object (it can be treated like an object)
  • "sRecName" -> is a string (text)
  • "nX" -> is a number
  • and so on


To cut a long story short, here is a corrected version of your Marionette:





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