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Hi I want to add all the symbol used in a drawings that are within a certain symbol folder.

Have been doing it with records and text but the symbol which is a bit of a drawing i can add the image but it will pick up all the images in the drawing if i don't sort. Any ides would be greatly appreciated.


See Attached 2024



Screenshot 2024-03-29 081013.jpg

Legend test.vwx

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Hi @AlanW


when I saw your post I initially thought - GRAPHIC LEGENDS.


Personally I don't work with Records or Worksheets as I don't understand much of it.

However Graphic Legend I believe to be similar in setting up, and may provide you with more freedom of choice.


Overall I am not 100% sure I understand your question.

In any case - I would think that symbols could only be chosen if they are placed on a drawing  --> meaning placed onto a Design Layer.


I may be wrong - but if the symbols are only within your library, then that may be the reason them not showing up in either - in a record or in a graphic legend.


See attached - I took your file and chose a Graphic Legend template from the VW library and then set up to chose symbols.

It's start that may suit you as an alternative.


Please check the Sheet Layer.





Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 1.05.46 pm.png

Legend test - V-01.vwx

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@Grethe Connerth

Hi Thanks for the response. See attached a finishes schedule.

I have a symbol folder with each one attached is to a records and i can place one of these symbols on a design layer, annotations layer or sheet layer and the spreadsheet will read them. So if you have a huge legend list you can have only the ones used in the drawing showing in the legend.

I want to do the same with the electrical symbols.

Hope this makes it clearer.





Finishes Schedule.vwx

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