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Copy Data Tag information to a Record attached to the Data Tag

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Hey Folks - I'm assuming that the only answer here it a script of some sort, but here it goes:


Issue - I've created a record format that has a few fields that is needed to map to symbols created with another command.  I need to be able to take something like 150 instances of the same data tag, attach a record format to them and then get the information referenced in the data tag into fields in the record format.  Any ideas?


Explanation - I'm using Sam Jones' truss tape tool to create truss tapes.  A designer has put data tags where all universes begin on each instrument where it begins and I want to be able to print those out on the truss tape. To have a symbol or other object translated to the truss tape, it needs a record attached to it.  Whatever information shows up in the symbol on the tape must be in the record.


Any suggestions are welcome.

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If I understand you correctly and that is not clear to me, you would need a script to copy values from the data tag into into symbols that the truss tape command will recognize, and then select the symbols along with the other objects you want on the truss tape.  For now this is a one off, and it would be easier to just make your own symbol with a record attached, place them, and copy the universe values by hand into a field of that record.  You would then need to list that record and field in the Truss Tape Assign worksheet.

Or, just just write something on the Truss Tape design layer.

The real solution is for me to give you the option of placing Data Tag field values on the truss tape, and then include the Data Tag record in the Truss Tape Assign worksheet.  That is currently not allowed because it assumed that objects on the truss tape are real objects to be hung on the truss, so Data Tags and Callouts are not recognized even if selected.

If you want to Zoom with me, to try and figure out a possible workaround, no guarantees, let me know.  sjones@autoplotvw.com

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@Pat StanfordI was just trying to take information that the data tag was referencing and maping it to a record format attached to the data tag.  You replied in another forum that the data manager should work and it sure did.  I was able to create a record format and then using the data manager, map the info I want to the fields and then it applies to all instances throughout the drawing.  I have never had to interact with the data manager and I never realized the flexibility it allows for.


@Sam JonesI"m going to send you an email.  I finally got to the point that I ran my first tape, and you nailed it.....  data tags aren't even recognized.



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