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2D / 3D Conversion Res

Chris Dordoni


It would be nice to adjust the conversion res on a per object basis, rather than globally.

Additionally, there is a signigficant delay when adjusting the conversion res while a document is open. Adjusting with no documents open is the quickest method, but sometimes I just want to change the conversion res for a single object (for the purpose of converting it to a mesh).

Hopefully it is possible to address these issues in a future release.


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I said "rather" in my previous post ... I should have said "in addition to". There are times when it will be more efficient, such as with a large number of objects, to ajust conversion res for all objects at the same time.

I have used other applications that allow modifying resolution on both global and per object basis, within the same application, and having both options is very useful.


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