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Forcing Classed Sub-Symbols to Use the Class Attributes of Parent Symbol

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I have a PIO that places a symbol of a certain class.  That symbol contains symbols that are in a different class.  Is there a way to make the symbols inside the parent symbol use the class attributes of the parent symbol?  Unchecking "Use at Creation" for the sub symbol classes has no effect.

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Hi Sam,

   On a Design Layer, I don't think so. In a Viewport, maybe, but probably not by the PIO's control. Others may prove me wrong. 


   Without knowing more of what you are trying to achieve, I don't know what else to add.



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I agree with Raymond. I don't think there is a way to do it automatically. 


I posted a wish a long time ago for a setting for Class to be By Parent.


Since this is in a PIO what about not using the symbol, but just storing it in the object and exploding a copy so you can set the class to what you want.  If someone later ungroups you will have a problem, but at least you could get your object to look correct with correct classing. But you would also lose the ability to report on those contained symbols.

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