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Is this for Spotlight or for Architect ?

A tubular light symbol isn't too difficult to create on your own.

Draw a circle and extrude it along a line that is the length you'd like the light to be.

Draw a line or rectangle if you need a 2d representation, select both the 2d line/rectangle and the extrude and create a symbol.

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Originally posted by Kristen:

If you want to create an object that looks like a tubular light, you can make a texture with constant reflectivity and apply it to a cylinder. It doesn't ACT like a tubular light -- you need to fake it with other light sources, but it does look like one in a rendering.

Yea, I know, but I would like to create a tubular light source so I don't have to fake it. Point dotted along a path work but they are not totally accurate, and the increase the rendering time

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I've tried the point source lights in a row. They use a lot of memory, increase rendering time and the cast shadows are from point sources so they radiate from one point and over lap this can be cool on the floor but it can get very hot on opposite walls. It's also hard to bend them around a corner like neon.

The tube idea is interesting I'll give it a try.

It just seems like a tube light would not be very hard to put into the program. They glow so there would not need to be a lot of editing options. Color temp would be nice (cool white, warm white etc), diameter, length, and other colors (to simulate neon).

I wish I may, I wish I might.... [smile]

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