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Graphic interface for setting 2D appearance of windows/doors

P Retondo


I think it would be a groundbreaking advance to be able to set the appearance of windows and doors (line weights and fills of various parts) using a graphic interface. I.e., the user would be presented with a representation of the window, could then edit that representation using standard VW tools until it looks the way he/she wants it, then have the option to save this appearance as a default preference or to apply it only to the given instance of the object.

This kind of interface seems to me to be the best way to deal with the often complex settings for parametric object tools. I can forsee the time when we will have more 2D/3D interaction, and we will want to represent entities differently from different viewpoints (plan, section, elevation). To see how NOT to manage the graphics, look at ACAD's ADT "styles" matrices.

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I enthusiastically agree: the more one can manipulate elements graphically (vs mathematically) with immediate visual feedback the closer the software comes to really fitting and assisting the earlier stages of the architectural design process.

The ability to set elements with precision is also useful of course. Maybe the dash creation tool(?) is an example of a tool which is more graphically successful than precise...it could be improved in both aspects.


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