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improvements PowerPack

Bart Rammeloo


Hi all,

I would like to add the following items to the PowerPack Wishlist:

- different viewports at once: front, side, perspective etc. in which we can draw "simultaneously". So we can start a curve in top view, and finish it in side view without having to interupt the command.

- better navigation tools in 3D-space like you have in Cinema4D, Maya, StudioTools, Rhino etc. Either the 3 mouse-buttons for panning, dollying/zooming and rotating (but this would require a 3-button mouse, and most mac-users don’t have those) or 3 logical key shortcuts, combined with mouse movement. Very important: the navigation shortcuts SHOULD NOT interupt drawing operations. Compare it to the space-bar: you can pan without interupting a command.

- Visibility of the vertex grid. Show the u and v-lines at all times (preferably with the option to hide them) instead of only showing them when moving CV’s (like it is in the current implementation). This is of course also valid for the NURBS-curves, not only for the NURBS-surfaces

- Make it possible to select multiple CV’s. In the current situation, you can only select single CV’s, U’s and V’s. We should be able to select CV’s like we do in 2D, and be able to move them like we do in 2D by, amongst other things, using the move-command.

- The option to add points to an existing curve by specifying the position, not in X-Y-Z coordinates but by giving a Length: a distance from (a) the start or end of the curve or (b) the distance from a specific vertex. This leads to two things: being able to add a vertex somewhere "in between" two points but at a specific location by giving a distance, and being able to extend a curve in a linear way (or perhaps even in a curving way?). Of course, the distance I'm talking about can expressed either as a percentage or in units.

- the possibility to define a working plane by not only three points or by a face, but also by clicking on a point on a curve. As a curve has a unique direction in every point, it should be possible to click on a point on a curve and define a working plane going through that point and being perpendicular to the curve direction in that point. This only works for curves of course, not for surfaces.

Let met know what you think [smile]



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