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Workgroup Referencing

Brenda B


As a 6 year user of your program, I love it and would consider using nothing else.


It would be AWESOME to be able to "clip' a portion of a drawing and use it as a workgroup reference in another file. (Microstation has this feature)

Add the ability to rotate and scale this reference and

Vectorworks would be twice as powerful. [smile]

Thanks for the consideration.


p.s. I have used masking but its just messy and much more info than I really need.....besides I still can't rotate it without it going to the same position upon updating. [Frown]

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I had been posting this same wish a few times over now. It's under the Xref clip & Xref copy, rotate etc. It looked to me that some people on this board didn't like it because it sounds too much like turning VW into Autocad. Well, I don't like Autocad but this is the one and only thing I miss about it. Microstation had this in V4(almost ten years ago, back in 1994) well before the ACAD guys could think of it.

This is someting great once seen in action.

Please make this a feature in VectorWorks 11.

I think it is long overdue.


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