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GL Importing all Classes in Resource Libary



I have a resource libary that is used across the business and recently we have been starting to use Graphic Legends (GL). 

When we import the GL into the required document all class definitions from the resource liabary then get imported into the new document. 


Is there a way to make sure either no classes are imported or only the class definition of the GL is imported?

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This is something I raised with @Josh Loy back in May 2023. He said I can definitely see your point with the GL style copying all of the class info, I think when we hooked it up, we were thinking the style could override certain "window" or "door" classes and we'd want those to propagate to the file where the style is used. I'll discuss it more with the Core team and see what they think. I'm not sure I totally understand this rationale + I never heard any more about it. I wonder what the outcome of the discussions was...

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17 minutes ago, JamesB1 said:

Would a solution be to temperarly have all GL kept in a seperate Vectorworks file with one class definition for the GL and use that a resource file for all GL Styles?


Yes I think it's basically a case of going into your Favourites file where you save your GLs + purging it of all the unused classes. But this is a pain to have to do each time you save a new GL to that file. It's not something you have to do with any other resource. As far as I can tell what happens is that when you save a GL from your working file to your Favorites file, all the classes from the working file are saved with the GL in the Favorites file. Then if you import that GL into a new blank file you literally get all 200 classes from the original file populating the blank file. Bizarre.

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