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Curved computer monitor vs Flat

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I have a Samsung 49" curved. I love it. I used 2 27" monitors in V formation for years and years. I feel like I have the same real estate now, but without a bezel right in the sweet spot. I always had my head tilted and neck issues, now I look straight ahead more. The curvature hasn't affect me drafting or 3d modeling one bit.

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I have a pair of 35” curved and I love it. I have them set up somewhat asymmetrically. In other words, the bezel is not centered but instead off to my right. My main screen is just off center to my left so that is not uncomfortable at all. Currently I like having information split up on separate screens. That said, a 49” might be quite nice!  

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Thanks for all the info.  I ended up just buying an Asus 32 " flat screen.  Still a huge jump over my old HP.  Combined with the 16 " Laptop screen it's pretty good for my needs.

I always used a combo of Laptops and iMacs and still have a 2019 iMac, i9 64GB RAM.  That is still a good machine for being five years old.  

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