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Delete PIO in a PIO Button-Code

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I have a PIO with Button-Widgets. One of them should convert the PIO in another PIO and back. Is it possible to delete the PIO with the Button at all?

	elif theButton == cButton6:
		if replace_object():
			vs.AlertInform('Press delete after action to delete original object', '','') #This would work so far
			vs.DelObject(GlobalValues.pio_handle) #This wont work (and if it would work i think it may result in a crash?)


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I think maybe you need to have the new PIO delete the old PIO. When you instantiate the new PIO, you can have the old PIO insert its own handle into a hidden parameter of the new PIO, then reset the new PIO. The new PIO could check this parameter every time it's reset and do nothing if blank but delete the handle when there is a handle in the parameter. Hopefully that makes sense?

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