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Venue seating help please.

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Just opened up Spotlight this morning for the first time....cool   I want my seats to fill the white border, as in the perimeter chairs should touch the border of the white box.  Can't get that to happen.


Also, there is a control (has a pointer arrow) that changes the radius length for curves seating.  Is there a dialogue control for that or only manual?





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I do seating layouts on almost every project and I have found doing it by hand (duplicate array, move by points, distribute along path, rotate tool in duplicate mode, mirror tool) to be much faster than wrestling with that awful seating tool, even for curved seating. 


Edit: curious to try the Theater Row plug in on my next project. 

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Hi Paul,

On this page in the Help there's this quick movie. Note how you can manually change the curved seating angle and/or enter a number via the heads up display. Like any tool always refer to the Help and you should find the answer once you get to know it.  


I think Evan that you're being a bit harsh about the tool. At least we have it, and for certain things it is much better than doing things manually although I understand that sometimes you just need them in there quickly and don't need the benefits of the PIO. Like Kevin has said @michaelk's PIO also offers good things.





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@EAlexander  Yes, I am a big fan of the tools you listed, in particular DAP for NURBS.  


Fiddling with tools In MiniCAD/Vectorworks for nearly forty years has been helpful.  I found a way to make the polygon tool work, but this project will likely require the use of all the tools discussed.


@Peter Neufeld.  Hi Peter.  I did find that video.  There is one thing that would make this so much better for me.   Using the new function, if there was a way to move the direction pointer farther away by the OIP, I would be all squared away on the problem.  Unfortunately, that is causing the problem, but I think I can work it out.



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