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Application Window - Please fix



While testing 2024 for a company wide upgrade, I noticed it is now impossible to turn off the application window.


Please fix this so i can get my team updated.


More than 50% of my team turn it off because it makes it harder to work across multiple open documents and applications and blocks access to the desktop.

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Unfortunately, I don't think it is a bug but rather a design decision. So it is unlikely to be changed for VW2024. There have been several other similar comments so it may get traction for a future version.


There are ways to hide an application window. On Mac you can either minimize the app or you can hide the app. I believe there are similar functions on Windows.  Learning the shortcuts for those may be your best way forward.


But if this is a deal breaker, you will have to stay with VW2023 for now.

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46 minutes ago, mrpommer said:

Cast my vote (along with 20-odd others here) for correcting this "design decision".


Note that if you really want to 'cast your vote' for this wish-list item, you should click the 'up arrow' to the left of the Topic Title at the top of the page (screen cap attached below).


As of right now this request has Zero votes.



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