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DTM Module Improvements



1. The ability to convert polylines to site modifiers. One should be able to draw site modifiers using the polygon tool - first get the polygon geometry correct and then convert these polygon(s) to site modifier objects. Reason: you cannot use VW offset tool to offset a fence away from a pad. No big deal when the objects fence and pad modifiers objects are square or rectangular; but when they are constructed of a many sided polygons this very time consuming if you are using a pad and fence combination as breaklines.

2. The batter width, slope and height created between pad and fence objects should be user definable. In other words once the pad is created the user should be able to simply rise or fall and the VW determines automatically the correct offset for the fence site modifier; conversely draw the fence define the batter slope and the correct pad level is determined. Reason: circumvents trial and error required.

3. The contour label text needs to have parameter, which allows the user to define how often they would like the text repeated along the particular 2D contours. Reason: Control over the look of the topo plan.

4. The 3D triangulated view should allow the user to distort/scale the z-height to give the user a better conceptual feel of the topography of the site. Reason: Obvious.

5. The cut and fill extents should be able be to be more easily visualised. I suggest cut should have a graduated ?red? fill (light red shallow cut strong red for deep cut). Likewise fill should have say a graduated ?green? fill (light green for swallow fill and dark green for deep fill). Reason: Obvious

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