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Filtering Equipment Summary Key in VW2024

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I am in 2024 and with the changes to the Symbol Key tool, I cannot seem to find how I can filter the key by position. The end goal is I am trying to get instrument counts per viewport. I used to do this via the Filter at the bottom of the Object Info tab in '23. I see filter listed, but it seems to be a filter the type of equipment available in the build list, not what is being counted in the key. Any suggestions? Thanks

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

There is a bug that is preventing the counts from listening to the filters. It's being worked on.
Additionally, the full functions of the old filtering workflow didn't fully get implemented into the new summary key for existing keys after they are built. This is on the radar as well.
As for counts via viewport, I've not done this myself. Do you have an example file from 2023 that you could share using the old filter method? Do you place more than one hanging position in your viewports? You can use the position summary key found in the Hanging Position OIP. This one filters and counts by position properly.

By the way, the old instrument summary key is in the legacy folder in the workspace editor should you wish to revert for your particular needs.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
20 hours ago, Dan Hoffman said:

Is there an ETA for this functionality (filter by layer) being restored to the Instrument (now Equipment) Summary?

Hi Dan,
It's on the list, but since there is a viable workflow to filter by layers using the new tool, not likely as soon as we would like.

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Thanks for the reply, Scott.


But maybe I'm missing how the new one's a viable workflow:

Create a blank file.

Add one Source 4 to Design Layer 1.

Add a new Design Layer 2.

Add two Source 4's to Design Layer 2.


Equipment Summary still shows 3 Source 4's even if I use the filters to select the instrument type only on Layer 1 or 2.


So how do we create a separate Equipment Summary that correctly counts the number of Source 4's on each Design Layer, that can be updated as I add and move fixtures around? The filters in the 'Equipment Summary Key' only limit the devices available in the build list, but if the same fixture is on multiple layers, it doesn't appear to separate the counts.


There's any number of reasons to do this - rep plot fixtures vs show-specific ones, house lights vs stage lights, rentals vs inventory, stagepin vs twistlock plugs (don't ask!), etc.


Veering slightly off topic.....it's great that the 'Legacy' tools are all still available, but it does seem a little bit disjoint to suggest that's the solution, when .vwx files continue to not be backwards-compatible and every single year everyone's forced to upgrade to ensure compatibility with all of the newest features (and the increase was particularly expensive this year is probably why it's front-of-mind). 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
3 hours ago, Dan Hoffman said:

Equipment Summary still shows 3 Source 4's

This is a bug that's been fixed in the upcoming update. Sorry about this. When you get the update, you'll find it works better using the plug-in versions of the symbols than the plain symbol versions—working on this issue.

As for legacy, back saving should still work if you're using the same legacy version of the tool. You are correct that using the new tool won't back save to the old one for editing needs. We had to make changes to offer the full gamut of spotlight symbols in the summary key. The instrument summary key tools was/is packed with so many features that it was very hard to include every function out of the gate. I confess I missed a few of the details during the design process. I feel we included a good number and will continue to refine it.

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