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Plant catalog imports field values as records

Peter W Flint


EDIT for clarity: I use the field/record terminology for tabular data as commonly used in GIS applications. When I use the term "record" I am referring to what would be called a "row" on a spreadsheet or an "observation" in other data related disciplines. I am not referring to VW resource records.


When prompted to add a new or edited plant style to the catalog, VW will interpret some of the data as new records (or rows) from the values in each field. The pattern I have been able to determine is some hidden delimiter in the data that ships from one of the Vectorworks catalogs. When I create plant data from scratch I am able to import and export between catalogs without issue. As an example, here are some screenshots from one plant edited in the VW2008 catalog. I have edited the flower characteristics, tolerances, and comments fields. It seems when there are multiple values delimited by a space in the same field, VW will interpret as a new record. If I include a pipe (|) VW for read as multiple values. This is not user-friendly. 




Please do not reply with advice for using plant styles in their own drawings or to avoid use of the plant catalog. I am already familiar with these approaches.




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Fair point. I think this was partly "complain as problem-solving" and screaming into the void. There is an issue with the way the data is formatted in the catalogs and the way it is read into a new catalog from the edit plant style dialog in the RM, but it works when creating a new plant from the Landmark menu. I am struggling to find a way to reproduce in a time efficient way. Will probably set aside and return to it once I am clear on the necessary steps.

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