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Disappearing Worksheets?



Hi there


Im having an issue with "disappearing" worksheets from the resource browser...


Working on a large drawing with many worksheets. When I open the resource browser to work on the sheets, there is always only 1 worksheet showing (and the worksheet that is showing isn't in the file). If I right click on a worksheet that is in the drawing & select "Locate worksheet in resource browser", all of the missing worksheets show up.


If I leave the resource browser on my folder with worksheets in - they always show up when going back to the resource browser. If I leave the resource browser having looked at a different folder (Lighting / Rigging etc) then when clicking back to the Worksheet folder in the Resource browser, there is only one worksheet - and as mentioned above, this worksheet isn't even in the file.


Yes, the work around is to continuously right click a worksheet in the drawing & select "Locate", but this appears to be a bug of some sort?


I only have one drawing open so its not selecting folders from a different drawing.


Apologies - the screenshots have had to be redacted slightly - and I cant share the file. Ive not tried on other drawings as yet.


Any pointers grateful recieved.




Ant Hall


MacBook Pro 16inch 2023 / M2 Max / 64GB ram / Sonoma 14.2.1 / VWX 2024 3.1 - Design Suite & Braceworks




Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 10.15.45.png


Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 10.16.57.png

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I think I have had something similar happen with Worksheets in my Favorites. I go to the file (in the RM) to find a particular Worksheet I know is in there + find it's missing. Then I realise a load of others are missing as well. Then in a panic I check my user folder + open the file + they are all present + correct. And then when I go back to the RM they have reappeared.


Only happened a couple of times I think. But has never happened with any other resource, only Worksheets...


This will have been in VW2023 + possibly VW2022 as well. Not using VW2024 that much so far.

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