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Worksheet roundup trouble





I have a column with decimal values representing power consumption, in watts.

In the next column I would like to know how many of my 600w power supply units I have to allocate.


So I need to round up, but I cannot seem to make it work, it just writes out the formula indicating that something is not right.


=ROUND(F2/600, 1) works , but rounds anything under 600 to zero.


the worksheet function is documented as follows:


roundup(number, digits)

Rounds the specified number up to a specified number of decimal digits.

=roundup(2.345, 2) returns 2.35


If I use the formula from the example, I get the same result, it just writes out the formula


Any ideas?











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There does not seem to be a roundup function using the Data Tag formatting.  But you can convert it to use #WS_ # functions instead and use Roundup there.

Untested, but something like:




This should round to 2 decimal places. Change the last 2 to however many decimals you want.

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