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a couple of little things I would change



First of all, I love the program! But there are a couple little things I keep running into that are a bit annoying. One thing is that every time you make an object or copy something, it stays highlighted/selected, then if you go to change the color for the next object you accidentally change the color of the highlighted item. This is because usually I forget to click in dead space before moving on. Also, if you are looking at a 3D object in an isometric view and click on the corner of it (with your object snaps on) to make a line, and then change views, it is no longer on that object. To me, if you are snapped on an object it should stay on that object no matter what the view. Other than these things I really am enjoying learning the program.

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A line is a 2d object.

So if you are drawing a line from a snap point of a 3d object, that line will stay in that place no matter what view you look at.

It will only move with the views when the line is converted to a 3d object.

As for the selection thing.

Are you saying you have an object selected and then you go to draw something else and the other object is still selected?

If so, that's something wrong with your display.

What OS are you on?

If you are on a PC, what video card do you have?

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If I start to draw something else, it will de-select. But let's say I draw a line, it will be selected after I'm done, then when I go to pick a circle or rectangle tool the line is still selected. So when I go to change the color of my future circle or rectangle, it changes the line color because I forgot to click off it. Sometimes I mess it up with other commands too. This isn't necessarily something wrong with the program but it is a hassle because I keep forgetting about it. I'm used to a different CAD program where the line would be de-selected as soon as I click on anything else, like any tools, commands, or colors.

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Thinking about the issues raised here has made me notice something else about deselecting:

Whereas in version 8 a click on empty space deselects all objects AND ALSO changes to the Select tool, in version 10 it only deselects all objects. The active tool remains active. To also change to the Select tool, you have to double-click on empty space.

So now it's more convenient to deselect by clicking. And it would be especially easy to deselect the object just drawn, just by adding one more click. It just has to become a habit.

Tasfire is obviously aware of that, but maybe other experienced users have, like me, not noticed this change before?

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Dan, et al., jan15 turned me on to the easy way to deselect all objects: hit "x" twice. I use it all the time. Just be thankful that in VW, when you select an object, previously selected objects are deselected automatically, unlike in AutoCAD, where you have to hit "esc" twice before you select the object you want.

I have to agree with others that leaving the object selected would be my preference, so that I don't have to reselect the object when performing multiple operations. It strikes me, however, that there could be a program preference to toggle this behavior, thus making everyone happy!

I have posted a request for a single keystroke deselect command. I would like to add that this command should deselect all objects on all layers, active or not. "x+x" leaves objects selected in non-visible and inactive layers.

[ 03-31-2003, 12:42 PM: Message edited by: P Retondo ]

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the nice thing about VectorWorks is the freedom to customize the program.

most people do not like to work the same way, this is true

so I picked up vectorscript to customize the program

and then donate the tools to help others out

if ever interested in scripting remember :


this written at the end of scripts will deselect everything

if you wish to try scripting:

you can download a script from VectorDepot (there are a few move and copy commands there) most scripts are not locked so you can edit them.

and then add the word dselectall; in the script

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