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Inventory for lighting device parts - lenses, etc.

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I am trying to use the Inventory and Equipment List tool to set up an inventory file that has different numbers of fixture bodies, lenses, and accessories - for instance, there are 140 Source4 bodies, but there are 210 lens tubes of various degrees available.  There are also various types of gobo holders, top hats, etc.  


Is there a way to set the stock total of each of these individual components separately in the "manage inventory" tab?  It seems only the quantity of complete lighting devices - including lens and accessories - can be changed. It's not useful to create an inventory of full fixtures based on the lens quantities, because the inventory will say there are more fixture bodies available than there actually are.  But if I make an inventory based on the number of bodies, it won't reflect the lens options available.  Either way I'm still comparing all my equipment counts to external data, rather than the inventory in the file.  Am I missing something, or should this be a wishlist item for future updates?





VW Spotlight 2024 update 3.1 

Windows 10 Pro

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Add one of each full body/lens symbol.
Highlight the lenses category and edit the Spares column.
For the full number of bodies, you can divide them between all the units. Or, add the total number of bodies into the Spares of just one unit. Subtract the number of full units from the spare bodies. You should then have a total number of bodies and spare lenses, etc.


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