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Ground Support Hoists

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Hi there,

Any help would be greatly appreciated as Im trying to add the lifting motors for 3x legged Ground Support goal post.


Is there a way to have the chain follow the runners for a realistic 3d view? 


Thank in advance!


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Please post a file to play with.
Are you speaking of climbing truss? No, the chain will not follow a path containing corners/curves. However, I've easily faked it using short sections of chain symbols. It's not perfect, but it communicates to the crew what I want.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

To model the look of the chain going over the block I would take two chain link symbols(in the symbol parts folder of the hoists) and connect them together with one rotated so it resembles chain in real life. I would then draw the path around the block using a NURBS curve and use the Duplicate Along Path command to add all the pairs of links together. Just make sure to duplicate by fixed distance which would be link to link and make sure to choose the Tangent option so everything rotates nicely.

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