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Duplicate and distribute circles inside of rectangle based on rectangle size

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I have a rectangle that changes size based on user input for width and height.  I need to place circles in each corner of the rectangle.   Then, duplicate and distribute circles around the edges of the rectangle with equal spacing,  the spacing will be based on a user input.   The quantity of duplicates needs to be based on the rectangle's size and circles spacing distance. 


I may also need to fill in the middle of the rectangle with circles in a spaced grid with the same spacing, but one thing at a time..


There is probably a easy solution for this, but I can't seem to find the Marionette way to do this at the moment...  I know about duplicate array when drawing this the normal way, but am trying to find a Marionette solution.  Anyone got an idea or node that would do this simply?   I've attached a VW2024 file.  


Thank you in advance for helping a Marionette newbie out!




Circles evenly spaced test file .vwx

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i think i struggle to undestrand what exactly you want to acchieve, because i think that width and height of the rectangle cant be choosen independently from spacing if the dircles need to fit into the corners like its drawn in the second screenshot.


However this is how i would do a Marionette that distributes loci (a point) along a "line" that follows the x direction, when also the number of points that should be on this line are given:



And the same Marionette but for the y direction:



And a Marionette that combines the x and y direction into a grid (you have to set the "Mix" node to "Cross Reference" in the OIP of the node):






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