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Replace all tables

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Is your round table a Symbol? And what do you mean -- 'the replace function is not doing it'?


If they are symbols, and the new tables share the same insertion point as the ones you are replacing, you should be able to replace the symbol with another symbol.


1) Select all of the symbols you want to replace, either one by one or using the Select Similar tool (choosing the 'Symbol Name' option from the Settings)

2) If you've selected all of the tables correctly on the OIP (Object Info Palette) it should say 'X' 2D/3D Symbols (however many they are).

3) With all of the table symbols still selected, on the OIP click Replace... and then select the new table symbol.


Post back if that doesn't work for you. It should.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Also, those look like nested symbols consisting of a table symbol and multiple chair symbols contained in one symbol.
I don't think the replace symbol command will replace symbols inside of other symbols.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Is this a seating section or simple symbols for the tabels?
If its a seating section then you will need to change the table symbol choice in the seating section settings, you can access them from the OIP


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All, thanks, every comment helped. I think the issue of "replace is just not working" is because I was trying to go from round of 8 to rounds of 10 and the symbol I had for rounds of 8 was a modified rounds of 10. So when I was trying to "replace" wiht the rounds of 10, it was staying as that 8?????

Any way I made a new document, placed a round of 10, then went back to the original document and selected all, hit replace and went to that new document to find the round of 10, select, BOOM, done. 

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