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The ability to move linked symbol text



AutoCad allows block attributes to be moved interactively anywhere around a symbol; thus allowing efficient formatting of block attributes on the fly. In VectorWorks, as one would appreciate, the point at which one links the text to a symbol, is the same place it will appear once inserted onto the drawing (assuming the symbol is not rotated at placement time). Murphy?s Law also dictates; however, that it will be the location at which that same text will obscure other important information already on the drawing. Probably other users will tell me that there is a work around; I know one of these already, define the linked text at various angles around the symbol and assign each linked record to a different class. Turn of the class for the text which obscures and turn another class on at a convenient location. Unfortunately this is very inefficient and cumbersome to setup and use attributed symbols in this way. Why is there not a tool which allows one to simple move the linked text to the desired location around the symbol?

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Has this been solved yet? I am running into this issue with VW2018 at the moment where it seems one cannot move a symbol text of one instance that is overlapping another object where it should not overlap without changing the symbol as a whole and thus mess with the other instances which are ok.

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