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35 minutes ago, VIRTUALENVIRONS said:


Got your message.  Search the string below, it should come up with the first post with a set of rocks.  They are 2017, so should open.  

Look below that post to see the other 5 Rock Sets.  There are six in total.  Come back if you have problems.


ROCKS SET_1 v2017.vwx


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The link to all six files was in the last link I posted above.  Resending, below.  (You have to scroll up for some reason...)  Also know that there were translated Sketchup rocks with textures in the second link.  I find the embedded textures helpful in Shaded Render Modes. 



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1 hour ago, VIRTUALENVIRONS said:



Thanks you for that.  Would you mind explaining how you referenced those files.  I have never been able to figure that out.


1) If you want to post a link to a specific post in another thread, click on the ‘Posted …’ part of the subheading in the post. Circled in screencap below.



2) Once you click on that ‘Posted… ‘ text, the browser will reload, focused on that post.
3) In the URL bar of your browser window, copy all of the text that is there and paste it into a new post.

The default for the Vw Forum software is to show it as an embedded link. You have the option to display it as a link instead if you don’t want the preview.

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