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Saving a Library File with a cleaned up Folder Structure

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Hi all,


I have created Schematics and Equipment using ConnectCad and want to save a master Library of these. I have it working but would like it to look cleaner for users when they open the library .vwx file.


Workflow has been:

  • Create a Manufacturer.vwx file.
  • Create the Schematic and Equipment items.
  • Export these as Symbols into a Symbol-Folder Within the .VWX file
    • Manufacturer.vwx/ManufacturerSymbol/Schematic
    • Manufacturer.vwx/ManufacturerSymbol/Equipment
  • I then drag this ManufacturerSymbol folder into a new clean Library.vwx file via the Resource Manager and it's great, it keeps my folder structure perfectly. However, it also brings in extra items into the root folder of the new Library.vwx. Things like imported 3d models that are not being used in the Symbols anymore.

Is there a way to export the new Symbols as standalone items that are self contained?
I cant seem to find any tutorials on this - if there are any specific links that may help, please let me know and I'll look into it.


Thanks in Advance!

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