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lighting pipe ladder tool

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Hi everyone,


Usually I draw lighting ladders myself, but because I want it to attach to truss for braceworks, I thought I'd use the Lighting Pipe Ladder Tool for a change. Much to my suprise the ladder created with this tool also doesn't seem to snap to the truss?? AmI doing something wrong?

Also, why doesn't the ladder have a weight, and can I put in a weight for the ladder?



best regards,



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You can't hang them on truss, as far as I know. It seems to me a very theatre-focused tool, that. I think it's designed to be suspended in it's own right.


For lots of reasons, I use the manufacturer's symbols for the ladder model in question, wrapped up as an 'assembly' symbol for the depth of ladder I need. I then use that as the symbol for a Point Load on the truss. It's limiting because fixtures on the ladder don't properly connect to anything or present any weight, but it's the best I have at the moment.


A related limitation is that making the ladder symbol(s) and hung lighting devices in to a hanging position also won't include the weight of the ladder in the HP total, which can be significant.


The dream here for me would be:


- Making a hanging position out of a ladder symbol and lighting devices has some way to include the weight of the ladder in the HP total - maybe the truss record or the new EntEquip record.

- Use a 'connection' object to connect the hanging position as a load on to the truss, which uses a chosen symbol for the connection geometry - clamps, eyes, or such.

- The total weight of the hanging position (including the weight of the ladder!) is transferred upwards as a load. Like a Point Load, but with more functionality.

- The position name is inherited downwards from the truss, or if that option is unchecked, the hanging position maintains it's own position name.


This matches how it works in the real world...

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