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crashing Marionette on Windows but not on MacOS

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Hey there,

i have some Networks/ and or Marionette Objects that crash my Windows 2024 Update 3 Installation of Vectorworks, on MacOS everything just works fine and as expected.
I have already sent a test file to my local Distributor and they said that the issue was now reported to Vectorworks Inc.

I also experience much faster response of Marionette on MacOS than on Windows... even my "slow" M1 with 16GB RAM (13" Pro late2020)  is oddly faster than my i9-12900H, 64G RAM, RTX 3060 (Laptop GPU) Windows Machine. Wouldn’t expect such huge differences with that hardware.

So out of curiosity: Anyone else in this community having similar trouble?

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1. What are the Marionettes doing?  Anything graphically intensive?

2. I think this has been asked on a different thread already, but have you checked the Nvidia software on the Windows machine and make sure that VW is using the 3060 and not switching between the 3060 and the low power graphics?

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1. not very complex, some nested math... squences, ranges, series,... recalculating z-height of polys etc... graphically: no
2. of course only the dedicated gpu active

As said: just curious if maybe more "generel problem" acoss other hardware configurations. Might have a chance to test on a system with dedicated gpu only next week...

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