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Combining Nurbs and get a Surface

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Hello together,

im new to Marionette and can't find a good solution for my problem, maybe you can open my eyes.


I can draw a nurbs curve from 4 3D Points, (pt1,pt2,pt3,pt4) (rectangle) and another one from 3 points (triangle or arc, based on the degrees being 1 or 2), start point from the arc is pt2 and endpoint from the arc is pt3 from the rectangle.

i want to get a closed surface from the merged figure, but I don't know how.


maybe someone can help me.

best regards.


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Hi @mlohse

Welcome to the Vectorworks forums and the Marionette discussion in particular.


In such cases I found it's best to first do the steps manually and see what the required tools/objects or menu items are, to get to the result you want and then go backward through these steps and see, if there are Marionette Nodes with these names. If you are missing an object (unlikely) or a menu item (likely) you might need to make a custom node yourself or ask, if someone here can help you out.


If you want to try this on your own, you should follow the link to the dev wiki pinned in all Customization discussions at the top of the page.




From there you can use the search to find VectorScript commands you might need for your custom Marionette Node.

When dealing with menu items, a good starting point is the command DoMenuTextByName:


Good luck!

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I think it's not a rookie mistake.


Nurbs curves can be created, but they do not close.

You have to create the Nurb surface from the 4 points differently.

Upload the file and the professionals can show us how it works.

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when operating with nurbs curves (my go to when creating solids inside marionette) some things to mind:

- for closed curves take the first point and use it at last point also (otherwise they are not "closed")
- use the "loft surface" node to generate solids (get familiar with the settings (rule, solid, close, ...)
- chek the order of the curves and their point direction (with the data flow nodes everything is possible)

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close the Curve and Loft Surface was the Way to go, thank you very much

have to organize the Network, actual its a mess 😄


next problem I have is the file size, (empty file with the network is round about 300MB) and I don't know why... and the time Vectorworks need to recalculate the model, if I enter the parameter is too long (10 seconds or more of colorful ball rotation).



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