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How do I make Hardscape Borders accurate in Renderings?

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I've been trying to find the solution to this for a while, but I'm not sure if I'm googling the correct terms.


I want to make the Borders of Hardscapes more real-world accurate. When I apply a texture to the Border Slab in the Object Info, it visually looks like the rest of the hardscape (i.e. a seamless texture repeated across the plane of the surface). This hasn't been an issue in the past, but we recently showed some renders to a client and they fell in love with how "unique" and "creative" the pattern of the border was, and we had to explain to them how this was just representational and not accurate to what we normally install for borders.


I'm struggling to insert URL images to show what I mean so here are some hyperlinks instead:

How the paver border looks in Plan View

Render shown to Client

An example of the look we're trying to achieve


Is there a specific setting somewhere to make Renderworks textures align to curves and look how they're supposed to, or some workaround?


I'm working in Vectorworks Landmark 2023 SP6 (Build 711238) (64-Bit)


Thank you!

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You will have to custom-model the circular ring to get what you are looking for. 

A NURBS surface top face should get the mapping you want, i.e. bricks that follow the arc, getting it to match the sides might be difficult.

If you don't have a ton of these areas, I would model up 1 3D brick and then array it.



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I think @BartHays is correct, as texture mapping from a by-class setting just wouldn't be able to follow every kind of 3d geometry correctly (at least until our AI overlords take over)

Even in Rhino, which I'd say has more controlled texture mapping for multi-sided objects, getting the pattern to align on a planer surface as well as a radial curve would be tricky without modelling the object and applying/adjusting textures manually.

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