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Paste Class Preference



I would like to have a preference to toggle on or off whether an object copied and pasted from one drawing to another brings its class along with it.

The preference could work such that in the "on" position, a pasted object would retain its class and add it to the target document if not already there(the current way it works), or in the "off" position, the object would be moved to the "none" class in the target document and the class structure of the target document would be unaffected.

Despite the huge advantage and power of using classes in a drawing setup, we do not use classes in our office. The sole reason for this is the class management nightmare that ensues when moving objects of differing classes from drawing to drawing.

In our office we do a lot of re-use work, and we are constantly moving objects or groups of objects from one drawing to another. We deal with class problems on a daily basis.

Objects you know you pasted into a drawing seem to vanish, or worse yet the objects are visible but cannot be selected because their class is set to invisible.

Other times, a simple paste evokes the "rename class" dialog because there is already an entity in the drawing of the same name as the imported class.

Many of the problems we are having stem from class names we created years ago in MiniCad 6 or 7 which we now regret when upgrades to the software have changed the way classes are treated.

We have thousands of symbols we created a long time ago with embedded class names we no longer use.

The preference I request could make problems like these go away, and bad decisions we made years ago would not continually haunt us.

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I couldn't agree more. Moving objects between class in a document, or from other document, is the most frustrating and time consuming action, in my daily work. I think the needed feature, to solve this problem, is very simple: "special paste" command. This command will do the regular paste, but before pasting the object/s, it will open a dialog with a pop-up menu, that will let as choose the class to paste into the object.

Just don't forget to offer the "paste special" with a combination option with the good old "paste in place".

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As Carl stated, Modify Layers and Classes is a good option. This is only available in Architect, so if you don't have architect, you won't be able to use it.

Alternately, if you delete a class, the objects in that class go to the none class.

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The Modify Layers/Classes command is a great feature,

and deleting unwanted classes after they have been brought in to a drawing is currently how we have to clean up our drawngs.

But I wish for a preference that would prevent the unwanted classes from being imported in the first place.

We do not always know the name of the unwanted class before it appears and it may be different every time, so mapping and saving a list of class names is not possible.

And cleaning up the classes after they have come in is time consuming, because as soon as I open the classes dialog delete the unwanted classes and exit the dialog, I am importing some other object and new classes are brought in. I have to now go back into the classes dialog....etc., etc.

I guess I just don't like the fact that importing an object can affect the structure of your drawing. I spend a lot of time getting drawings set up just the way I like them, then in the course of everyday work the file structure gets all fouled up.

Anyway, its just a wish.



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