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In using the VWA 10 Set-Up Assistant, it creates a "matrix" of classes, layers and sheets with a possible combination of 6,000+ choices for a simple 4-story office building (or what used to be simple...). So, now we need a dedicated Management Assistant to figure it all out and help with the 3 different pull-down, pull-up and scrolling menus. If we were to use the VWA system in its current manifestation, we'll need an additional employee dedicated as comptroller for classes and layers, to help with the selection of the proper point-in-matrix space on which to draw any given item.

If not a management assistant, are there any ideas on how to manage the extensive VW system? Is anyone effectively using the VWA set-up assistant? per its designed intention?

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We seem to be coming from very different places, my previous cad experience being limited to primitive 2D packages-

I use the setup manager because it is faster to set layer heights there than by setting up all the layers manually. Even if I have a template, it takes longer to change all the layers over to suit a new project than to use the setup manager. I glanced at the model setup for the first time. Not sure yet what all the fuss is about- seems very easy.

Yes, I use the issue manager for title block management. If I don't I end up printing my final set twice because of all the missed updates on each sheets title block.

This, nevertheless, does not deny my complete agreement that some aspects of these tools are ridiculous. For one, the title block placement procedure makes customization and adjustment of a title block symbol, once placed in a set with multiple scales, very painful. I only allow the tool to place the text fields, now.

On the other hand, I had to upgrade to 10 because I need to export to ACAD, and previous versions of VW can not export hatches and fills, which ACAD can now utilize. Since our layers stack, this is important.

Autocad, I think, is designed for production work. VW, is less so, perhaps. One of things many of us are glad of is not having to learn many arcane tools for production work. I am sure they will become part of VW because of the wishes of users like Mr. Brooks, and so long as we don't lose the ability to continue to work without them I won't mind. In fact, when I try them, I am often pleased.

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I am coming into this discussion very late but I am curious if people are aware that they can edit all the settings of the setup tools? You can create your own set of sheets/classes/layers to your standards. You are free to set it up as you wish.

Yes it is a bit complex at first but once you understand how the tools work it is easy to get a setup that works the way you wish.

Have a look at the file called VA Setup Data in your plug-ins->Common->Data folder. Appendix B of the VWA manual explains how to adjust this file to meet your needs.

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